Day: May 13, 2014


Top Ten All Ages Comics

Kids love webcomics! Adults love comics “meant for kids,” too! Here are webcomics everyone can enjoy. It’s a Top Ten Countdown of the best All Age Webcomics out there on the interwebs! #10 The Last of the Polar Bears by Lindsay Cibos Global warming is destroying the polar ice caps and a mom polar bear…

Merida of Disney's Brave, 2012

Archery! Comics! Shooting Lines: Laura’s answers

Back again, with another perspective on how comics and other genre media can support your love of archery. Today’s response to my archery-comics crossover survey comes from  enthusiast Laura! Find out more about this series of mini-interviews, and get involved, here. Can you relate to Laura’s journey? Tell us about yourself. Are you currently an active archer? When…

News & Things: Awesome Comic Adaptations, Ahoy!

Walking Dead videogame debuts new trailer for upcoming Episode 3 Tomorrow is the release of the latest episode of the much-praised The Waking Dead: The Game Season Two.  The series, which follows different characters set in the same universe as the comic, is notable for its sophisticated storytelling and emotional depth of its characters. For anyone who…

BookCon Logo.

BookCon Notices #WeNeedDiverseBooks

The same day ReedPOP, the company behind BookCon, added more diverse authors to their line up, they announced a panel called “The World Agrees: #WeNeedDiverseBooks,” based on the popular hashtag that trended around the world.  ReedPOP has suffered under the backlash of public indignation at the lack of diversity in their original lineup, yet, like…