Comics! Archery! Shooting Lines: Shannon’s answers

The first response to my archery-comics crossover survey comes from Hawkeye fan Shannon Cooke! Find out more about this series of mini-interviews, and get involved, here.

Hawkeye by Fraction & Aja

Tell us about yourself. Are you currently an active archer? When did you first take up a bow?

I actually recently stopped because of a lot of drama surrounding the current place I was shooting, and some university-related stress, but before that I practised archery for over two years.

What sort of a bow did you use?

Just a recurve bow. It was the simplest after barebow (without Scoped sights) and I always felt comfortable using it. The recurve was light, quick, and adjustable.

When did you first fall in love with the idea of archery? Was it the same aspect of archery that fuels your enduring enjoyment?

I guess I’d tried it out a few times when I was younger and quite liked the idea of having such a unique sport in my skill-setI’d be lying if I said influence wasn’t drawn from movies and books with archers in them. When I picked it up officially I found I liked it even more than I’d thought I would.

Are you a sporty person, outside of your participation in archery? What makes archery important?

Other than the occasional run, all I do is skydivingI guess I like sports that are a little edgy. But I know I did both of them for two very different reasons: skydiving was to help conquer my fear of heights, sort of a thrill-seeking thing, whilst archery was something I’m genuinely passionate about.

How easy was it for you to find a beginner’s course, a club, or your own personal entry into the sport?

It was really simple actually, the university has a whole range of clubs and I just signed up at a Sports Fair. I didn’t have to seek out much at all.

What was your reaction to the sudden archery boom of the last few years? Were you enthused by Merida, Katniss and Hawkeye taking the big screen, and did you notice it affecting your friends, peers, or club membership?

I really loved it. So far I haven’t found a fictional archer I don’t like, and the characters you mention all had such different personalities and approaches to shooting that I loved making note of. It definitely affected membership. Even over two years it was noticeable that a lot of people were there because of their idealised versions of being a kickass superhero or something like that (hey, that’s how I got into it). But a lot of those found that it wasn’t what they’d imagined and dropped it pretty quickly.

What’s your current favourite archery-related comic?

The latest Hawkeye comics.

Has your motivation been affected by fictional characters, fictional archers? Tell us all about it!

Absolutely. Hawkeye is one of my favourite marvel characters ever and I’ve always thought it awesome that he just goes around shooting a bow in a battle full of lasers and superpowers etc. I’ve just always wanted to have that talent.

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