The Apparel Question: Look Good With WWAC

What we want to know, is:

Which colours do you favour? We’re showing white below, but that’s a placeholder. What sort of shirt, or tote, or hat, or [x merchandise option] are you really here for? Would you rather wear printed or embroidered apparel? Would you avoid joining our sartorial posse if we sourced shirts from American Apparel?

And let’s see a show of hands: pin badges or sew/pin/iron-on patches?

Purple? Pink? Green? Blue? Brown? Ringer shirts? Raglan sleeves? Vests? Long or short-sleeved? Wide-strap or spaghetti? Tank tops or swing-cut? Would you want the url on there to point interested parties to us, or is the WWAC abbreviation a secret you’ll hold close? Should we look into “male sizing” as well? Should we consider kids’ options as well? Am I the only one who wants to see our logo on a reflective tabard? THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. Help us! To give you the best!

Tell us your dreams and we’ll see what we can do.

Tell us how you’d style it, where you’d wear it, or who you’d gift one to!

Personally I’m thinking b/w ringer tee, pencil skirt, spotted tights and some pointy-ass shoes. Ready for business! The business of… writing. About comics.

Seriously, a lot.

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

Critic, ex-Editor in Chief at WWAC, independent comics editor; the rock that drops on your head. Find me at and give me lots of money