I’m Taking The Buffy Challenge

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All the seasons of BtVS–TV & Comics–in 2 weeks. Can I do it? I dunno. But I’m trying because … if not my Kickstarter might drive me crazy.

So here it is, my first recap. (SPOILER FREE!)


Season One

Character Arc: From Girl Fitting in, to Outcast

Principal: Bob Flutie Ep 1-6 <dead>, R. Snyder Ep 9-  survives the season!

Has a very “Twilight Zone” feel except with Buffy stepping in to fix things when they go wonky.

The major arc is sorta a weak story. Most of the episodes are devoted to WACKY DANGER O’ THE WEEK. Which is fun!

Watch for: Hilariously bad fashion, young David Boreanaz, fun fights, use of the term “e-letter” and an extremely young J.G. Levitt.

Watch out for: Uncomfortably “negging” approach to flirtation.

Favorite Episode: Welcome to the Hellmouth. Good intro to the characters & what’s happening.

Least Favorite Episode: The Puppet Show. R.L. Stine did the scary dummy thing way better. Even with the twist…. meh.

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