Month: February 2014

News & Things: Lights Out

News New Game Black Shuck Looks At Mother-Child Relationship Megan Patterson of Paper Droids looks at this rarest of game tropes in the upcoming Black Shuck. Short Film Black Girl In Paris Heads to HBO Black Girl In Paris stars Tracey Higgens and is based on the novel of the same name by Shay Youngblood….

News & Things: Days of Future Dirtbags

News Dirtbag Hamlet Totally Rad, Also a Dirtbag Mallory Ortberg and Matt Lubchansky re-imagine Shakespeare’s troubled prince as a skateboarding, bird-flipping douchebag, and it is glorious. “im going to the cemetery to touch skulls” College Could See Funds Cut for Choice of Fun Home A South Carolina university faces massive budget cuts after including Alison Bechdel’s…

Marvel Boy, Jamie McKelvie art & Kieron Gillen dialogue

Three Love Songs/Three Comics

Music and comics go together like … well, music and comics. Sometimes it’s just a well-chosen lyric juxtaposed with a particular panel sequence, or a character singing a favorite song that also happens to reveal something important about their story arc. However it’s done, the blending of such an evocative auditory medium with the visuals…

James McKayDreams of a Low Carbon Future, James McKay, 2013

Climate change comics: Dreams of a Low Carbon Future

I like fiction set “after the/an apocalypse”. Young Adult fiction? Julie Bertagna’s Exodus, Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines, Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles. A-movies? Mad Max trilogy, The Postman (FIGHT ME), Terminator 2. B-movies? Too many to mention! Anime? Hokuto No Ken, GunXSword, Demon City Shinjuku. Comics? Sheltered is great. Old Man Logan (in parts), Akira, Tank Girl, FreakAngels, bit…