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New Game Black Shuck Looks At Mother-Child Relationship

Megan Patterson of Paper Droids looks at this rarest of game tropes in the upcoming Black Shuck.

Short Film Black Girl In Paris Heads to HBO

Black Girl In Paris stars Tracey Higgens and is based on the novel of the same name by Shay Youngblood. The film, about a writer who meets a street-smart prostitute and experiences an “awakening” (like Girls without all the gross and 100% more women of colour!),  is written and directed by Kiandra Parks. Check the trailer here

Fear Street: Lights Out, by RL Stine.Stephen Jones and R.L. Stine Win Horror Writers Association’s Lifetime Achivement Award

OMG Fear StreetGoosebumps.


Why the LRB Should Stop Cooking Up Excuses Over Lack of Women Reviewers

The LRB keeps defending its lack of women reviewers and women reviewed. It is, of course, indefensible.

The Image of a Black Man On Fire: Casting Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch

Is colour blind casting the solution to Hollywood’s “diversity problem”?  Not so much.

While the fanboy in me is tired of seeing changes made to certain properties just for the sake of making the changes, as a man of color, I’m put out that all these arguments about “diversity” are being made by…well…white people.

All I see are pieces from white writers and critics telling me why we should somehow be grateful that a black man gets to play a white role because, diversity. “It’s a baby step” I hear. “It’s better than nothing” I hear. Did anyone ask black fans their thoughts?


Some wish to believe that we’re in some post-racial era; we’re not. Eartha Kitt as Catwoman certainly broke a mold, which is great for the actors getting paychecks, but where are our black heroes? Where is Luke Cage? Where is Black Panther? We don’t have key characters up on the big screen, and yet somehow it’s supposed to look like an achievement that white characters get to be played by black actors?

The number of original black heroes in their own films is scarce. Wesley Snipes has gone on record about the hell he had to go through to get Blade onto the big screen; while it was an achievement, and something that should’ve spawned even more…it hasn’t.

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