New Year’s Resolutions And Other Promises From WWAC

Thundra of Dawn, Ramona Fradon, Fantastic Four

Indeed much like the cyclical nature of comic book storytelling, tradition trumps necessity as we reflect on the past year and undertake the dubious task of creating New Year’s resolutions.

Gym memberships have lapsed about as many times as Earth’s Green Lanterns, manuscripts have been started and left unfinished like the many deaths of Jean Grey. And like superhero comics, we often continue to commit ourselves to resolutions despite diminishing returns. Faithful readers, feel free to badger us endlessly shall we fail to follow through on these varied promises, public and personal. Leave comments on this post months from now, tauntingly asking if we have finished reading all of those Eisner award winning graphic novels. Make us feel guilty for skipping the gym. But hopefully you will find inspiration in our goals and make your own commitment to being a better nerd.

I resolve to read more comics — Marvel has made it easy for me, since they cancelled Fearless Defenders. I have some room to add a few now. DC’s New 52, though, is still keeping me at cringing distance. More indies, maybe. Also, I should drink more water and do more yoga. Hold me to it? — Jamie

I resolve to read & write about childrens’ and YA comics, and get a better grounding in european comics history. Being able to validate kids’ interest and sweep away parents’ doubts is a power I desire to hold! And who doesn’t need more context in their life? Outside of WWAC: Draw the darn pictures, get the practice back into my hands. Art, darlings. — Claire

I resolve to read more independent classics, like Love and Rockets, and the Francophone comics that are popular in the UK — Tintin, for example, and Asterix. I also have a terrible habit of not finishing TV series, so I resolve to finish watching all of Justice League. Outside of the comics world: I resolve to learn more than one gluten-free baking recipe and to start Zumbaing (Zumbing?) again! — Kelly

Write, Carol, write! I resolve to write a lot this next year. I plan to write a lot about other people’s work and also to write my own stuff, comics and prose. I want to boost my page count to the maximum, and try to maintain my sanity in the process. Ah, and read more theory. I always need that. — Carolina

I resolve to read the books still sitting unread on my shelf, to write more, and to finally watch the shows I’ve been putting off starting. I also resolve to be more reliable with things I’m working on and more persistent about the things that I need and want to achieve (including getting certified as a pole fitness instructor!). — Kathleen

I resolve to read more leisure books – novels and comics – and to write my heart out. Mostly short stories but I keep daydreaming about writing a webcomic. I resolve to go to more cons and build up my cosplay closet. (Hoping to get more steampunky Lady Mechanika garb and yes, even some MLP Pinkie Pie swag.) Finally, I resolve to catch up on the Doctor, finish my tattoo sleeve and submit my application in for a PhD program. — Ashley

Finish things. There’s no better resolution, right? But I also resolve to learn to code, learn more about book and magazine production, and write more about science. — Megan

Over the last year I have fallen woefully behind in my comic book reading, yet I have continued to buy countless unread series. I resolve to only buy and read the books that bring me continuous joy and to no longer purchase any comics out of habit. I also commit to writing more about comic books and creators that are deserving of praise, at least as often as I write about the ones that don’t.  — Megan B.

Megan Byrd

Megan Byrd

Megan is a Chicago based professional photographer by day and a comic book blogger by nights and weekends at As a former comic book retail employee, Megan writes about the industry with an insider perspective. Megan still moderates a monthly Ladies’ Night event at Graham Crackers Comics in downtown Chicago, and is editor-in-chief of Ladies’ Night Anthology.

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  1. Since I was away from the internet for a week while this was going on, I wanted to add my resolution: I resolve to be far more active on WWAC as a whole, provide way more reviews for 2014, have issue #1 of my comic available as well as have my novel wrapped up, go to as many conventions as I can in 2014, and try to read way more independent comics throughout the new year.

    Whew! Here’s a kick-butt 2014, ladies!

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