News & Things: Goodbye 2013


Marvel Halts Sales of Periodical Comics in Bookstores
Marvel has decided to stop selling single issue monthly comics in bookstores. They will continue to sell graphic novels in bookstores, and both graphic novels and monthly comics within the direct market.

Top Ten Female Writers to Watch in 2014
For Books Sake wants you to keep an eye on Noviolet Bulawyo, Michelle Forbes and more.

Book Censorship Spiked in 2013 reports that US book censorship was at a high in 2014, mostly due to parental complaints to local libraries.


Bioshock Infinite and Racism
Soha El-Sabaawi responds to Ian Miles Cheong’s essay about “accusations of racism” in BI, and pulls no punches.

Is Hollywood’s Blockbuster Model Broken?
Earlier this year Steven Spielberg predicted a Hollywood blockbuster crash. BBC reporter Edwin Lane explores the responsiveness of the US film industry–can it handle an interuption in blockbuster returns?

Interview with Nate Powell
Tom Spurgeon interviews the penciller on March Book One.

Another Side Effect of this “Girls Don’t Buy Cartoon Toys” Nonesense
Gail Simone on the kids toy market, and Disney approaching her to work on tv:

But my meeting with Disney tells an interesting picture. The executive I spoke with put it very bluntly, to his credit. He said that at one time, Disney OWNED the boys’ adventure market on television. But over time, they had more and more success with programming for girls. To the point where boys actively started avoiding the Disney brand.

You think they bought Marvel and Star Wars for purely the intellectual properties, you would only be partially correct. They bought those properties to make Disney cool for boys again. To own the boys’ adventure market like they felt they already owned the market for girls’ programming.

In the sub-picture, not having a female superhero movie is a hole in the Marvel film brand, but in the bigger picture, Disney feels they own most of that market already.

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