Your favourite comic book movie of the year is…

blue posterBlue Is the Warmest Color!

With its hefty three hour plus running time, and the epic tales of its asshole director spread far and wide, it’s even more impressive that Blue Is the Warmest Color has charmed critics, audiences, and our loyal readers.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, here’s the elevator pitch: fifteen-year-old Adèle finds her first love in art student Emma. It’s passionate, intense, and instead of becoming a fond memory, turns into a decade-long, complicated love story. Imperfect love. Great passion. Mmm.

The film’s made headlines for the lengthy, graphic sex scenes between the two leads, and for a director who can’t stop putting his foot in the mouth: luminous Lea Seydoux, he said, has a lot to learn. k. It’s already scooped up the Palme d’Or  and has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

The film is, of course, adapted from the 2010 French graphic novel by Julie Maroh. And with art like this, I can’t wait to read it:

blue page

Megan Purdy

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