News & Things: Anyone else approaching comic book movie exhaustion?


Don Cheadle Will be in the Avengers Sequel

In an interview with USA Today, Cheadle confirmed that he would be appearing in Age of Ultron. No word yet on Falcon. (He got short shrift in that Winter Soldier trailer, I tell you. Short shrift).

Janice Valleau Winkleman / Drew for Archie comics, painted for her famaily

A long time Archie inker and penciller, Valleau Winkleman, creator of detective Toni Gayle, left the company during the McCarthyist comics crackdown of the 50s. She died in hospice at age 90.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyeing Sandman As Director And Star, Producing With David Goyer At Warner Bros

Deadline reports that JGL wants to produce, direct, and star in, a Sandman movie. Welp. Maybe you make a few more movies before you tackle this international, fan favourite.

Myriad Editions Announces March 3rd Deadline for Graphic Novel Contest 

Are you working on your first graphic novel? You’ve got until March 3rd to enter this contest, and possibly win a chance to work  with Myriad’s editorial staff, and possibly be published and distributed by them. UK residents only.



Gillen and McKelvie Look Back on “Young Avengers,” Prepare for “Afterparty”

A long, retrospective chat with the creators, looking back on their run on the popular book.

The Year In Blockbusters

The Dissolve runs down the immense list of blockbuster movies released this year. What worked? What didn’t?

And finally…

The Beginning of the Universe, for Beginners:


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