What’s Hot? September 2013

What’s hot? Well listen–

You might have picked up the hints, reader, but let me confirm – we, your contributing team, are women! Women writing about comics. We share this shocking fact in the hope that publicly being Real Nerd Girls might help you/us/everybody forget anybody was ever surprised that people could like things that weren’t made, specifically, for them.

We don’t want WWAC to be cold objectivity, impersonal passive voice. We want to sing loudly and proudly about what in comics fires us up, and how that interacts with other parts of our lives! And we want to connect with you. Hey, what do we have in common? Get to know us better!

So this is What’s Hot?, our monthly check-in re: what’s floating our boats right now. It might be comics. It might be artisanal coffee. It will probably be a scientific development from Megan P at some point. Go!


Personally it’s probably bones; clothes with bones on. I bought my first pair of bone-print tights! Autumn is Halloween season; everything is spooky. Tomb of Dracula re-read time. My sweetie and I are going through Hammer’s Vampire catalogue… nightly. *echoing laugh*


Megan B

What’s hot and spooky? Hannibal!

The first season is being released on Blu Ray next week and I am super excited to re-watch the series and lend it out to as many people as possible. Plus it comes with a gag reel, commentary tracks, and all 13 episodes in beautiful high def (including one that did not air in the US) . So many new gifs will be made!
I’m super psyched for Boxers and Saints (Gene Luen Yang’s new graphic novel). American Born Chinese was basically a work of genius, so I have high hopes for this!
Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang
Kim Newman’s new alternate history/literary mash-up horror novel, Johnny Alucard. I’ve been waiting for this book for years and am thrilled to finally hold it in my greedy hands.
Also, Halloween candy. My quest for Cadbury Screme Eggs continues. [SO DELICIOUS – Claire]
Chiming in as someone else anticipating Boxers and Saints. Also: season 2 of Elementary, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, time to read the new-to-me translation of Beowulf I got last week, and the arrival of my yarn package so that I can start and finish my Eleventh Doctor socks while we still have an Eleven. (Do I win some sort of nerdfecta for that last one? I think I deserve at least an honorable mention)
This image humbly stolen from tumblr matt-smith-socks..
This image humbly stolen from tumblr matt-smith-socks… Apparently it’s a thing?

Arkham Origins, Thor 2, Walking on crunchy leaves while drinking coffee, Boots and Scarves, Lady Mechanika, Costumes!!

Burst of Color (Lily Fang) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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