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Read of the Week

Geek Pinata interviews popular “X-Fashion” artist Kevin Wada about his work and inspiration:

“I wholeheartedly believe we need to see more diversity in comics.  We need to see people of color, queer characters, strong distinct females, and we need to see characters that are combinations of any of those put together.  The backlash within the comic community, even, of recasting Spiderman to be black or gay in the movies was so intense it was almost scary.  Comics could stand to push their comfort zones of acceptance and alternative/progressive modes of thinking.”


xkcd: On Time and Twinkies
Ng Suat Tong discusses xkcd, Time, and time in comics, and comics criticism.

Why Columbus is poised to become the next big hub for comic books
Is Columbus poised to be the next big thing in comics? Although Columbus Alive might be a little biased, they make an excellent argument.

Comic Artists Cover Zatoichi
Criterion’s humongous Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman DVD box set features 25 films with new cover art by comic artists, including Ming Doyle, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, Yuko Shimizu, and more.

Overstock Vows To Match Amazon’s Book Prices
Online book retailer announced this week that it would be matching Amazon’s book prices. This comes on the heels of a price matching sale that saw the retailer losing $11,000 a day. How this can continue indefinitely is anyone’s guess, but for the foreseeable future, American comics fans can expect steep discounts on graphic novels.

Joss Whedon on his past, present, and future (hint: ‘Agents of SHIELD’)
Entertainment Weekly talks to Joss Whedon about his intentions for the upcoming TV series–think The Zeppo. Whedon says, “The people who are ignored are the people I’ve been writing as my heroes from day one. There’s a world of superheroes and superstars, they’re celebrities, and that’s a complicated world — particularly complicated for people who don’t have the superpowers, the disenfranchised. Now obviously there’s going to be hijinks and hilarity and sex and gadgets and all the things that made people buy the comics. But that’s what the show really is about to me, and that’s what Clark Gregg embodies: the Everyman.”

And Finally…

Artist Nate Hallinan has re-imagined the X-Men as characters in a medieval fantasy setting in his “Order of X” illustrations.


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