Fight Club David Mack Dark Horse Comics July 2014

Dark Horse Comics has confirmed that they will be printing a sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. The 10 issue series, illustrated by Cameron Stewart of Sin Titulo and the new Batgirl, will be released next May and will focus on the same narrator 10 years later, now married to Marla Singer with a nine year old son named Junior. The Project Mayhem men will be back, and so will Tyler Durden. Oh, and Tyler isn’t really the protagonist’s alternate personality. He’s something else, something that’s been around for centuries and found a convenient host in the unnamed protagonist.

Record scratch. Brief blip of porn. Film resumes.

It’s the idea of Tyler being something more that doesn’t sit right with me. Yeah, I’m not that interested in Palahniuk investigating fatherhood through these characters. They are terrible, terrible people, and I imagine that makes for either terrible or boring parents. So I would probably just ignore it. Not for me.

Cigarette burn. Switch reels.

But Tyler’s entire existence is what made the story for me. It was about the power of the mind, and coping with a bleak existence. It was the disappointment of modern life, and how that can grind you down. Tyler had the charm and willpower of a trickster god, but part of what made him so great was that he wasn’t. He was just part of the narrator’s mind, a story he told himself to get over not being a rockstar, and that was awesome. This feels like a cheap trick, but I guess I’ll have to read it to see.

Fade to black.