Day: July 23, 2014

barbarella banner, jane fonda

Classic Nerd Movie Club: Mini Review of Barbarella

In the not too distant future, humanity has turned into a species of space travelling, sexually repressed squares. People no longer engage in fluid exchange for sexual pleasure, but have instead replaced physical intimacy with drugs and hand holding. One adventuring astronaut on a mission to save humanity rediscovers the value of “doing things the…

Get Your Game on Wednesday

Dark Dungeons movie premiere at GenCon According to the GenCon newsletter, the world premiere showing of Dark Dungeons will take place on August 14. Based on the 1980s comic, about two college students innocent to the dangers of playing role playing games. Nintendo Gaming Lounge at SDCC If you’re lucky enough to be at San…

Fight Club David Mack Dark Horse Comics July 2014

Not Our First Time at Fight Club

Dark Horse Comics has confirmed that they will be printing a sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. The 10 issue series, illustrated by Cameron Stewart of Sin Titulo and the new Batgirl, will be released next May and will focus on the same narrator 10 years later, now married to Marla Singer with a nine…