Greg Pak Seeds The Clouds With Hashtag #WhyILoveStorm


A tiny blurb in Previews magazine created a tempest  over Storm #1 – a series fans have been a long time waiting for.

Series writer Greg Pak expressed why this means so much to him,

“I’ve loved Storm since I was a kid biking down to Lone Star Comics in North Dallas to stare in awe at that amazing Paul Smith art in those crazy Chris Claremont Uncanny X-Men stories.  At a certain point in my life, Storm might have been the biggest, fiercest, and most fun non-white hero I’d ever encountered in fiction. I was a half-Korean kid, not a black woman. But it didn’t matter. Storm was evidence that everyone was invited to the party […]”

and invited fans to express their adoration for the Wind Rider on Twitter with the hashtag #WhyILoveStorm.

The fans, including fan fave Gail Simone, replied with great enthusiasm and a torrent of tweets sharing their love for the X-Men’s white-haired leader. Kudos to Mr. Pak and Mr. Ibanez, the creative team, for their shrewd use of social media to build the anticipation for the fans! 


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Jamie Kingston is a Native New Yorker, enduring a transplant to Atlanta. She’s a lifelong comic fan, having started at age 13 and never looked back, developing a decades-spanning collection and the need to call out the creators when she expects better of them. Her devotion extends to television, films, and books as well as the rare cosplay. She sates her need to create in a number of ways including being an active editor on the TV Tropes website, creating art and fan art, and working on her randomly updating autobiographical web comic, Orchid Coloured Glasses. As a woman of color, she considers it important to focus on diversity issues in the media. She received the Harpy Agenda micro-grant in November of 2015 for exceptional comics journalism by a writer of color.

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