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The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy promo, photo by Justin Hackworth

Ten Things I Have Learned About Mental Illness from Jenny Lawson

I have been in therapy for over a decade now. I have tried a variety of medications and experienced a variety of diagnoses—mostly with the same theme: depression, anxiety, obsessive-depressive, obsessive-compulsive like symptoms, and so on. The Bloggess Jenny Lawson has depression, severe anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, occasional depersonalization disorder, self-harm issues, OCD, and trichotillomania….

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Review: Toil & Trouble #3

Toil & Trouble #3 Mairghread Scott (script), Kelly & Nichole Matthews (art), Warrent Montgomery (letters), Kyla Vanderklugt (cover) Archaia November 4, 2015 This issue, the midway point of this miniseries, finally reveals one of the most contested characters of Shakespeare’s canon—the engimatic Lady Macbeth.