• Treasures in the Vault: the Women In Front Covers Initiative0

    If you don’t know about it already, Vault Comics is an up and coming indie comics publisher that Women Write About Comics has covered several times. Vault Comics, or Vault, is a privately owned independent comics publisher founded in 2016 by two ambitious and enthusiastic brothers, Damian and Adrian Wassel. They partnered with Art Director Nathan

  • Variant Covers 101

    Variant Covers 1011

    Variant covers! Those exciting, colourful often “rare” comic book covers that we all love (to hate). But what are variant covers? Why do they exist? Why does your local comic shop not have the one by your absolute favourite artist? And what does their existence mean in the greater comic book landscape? Here’s my primer

  • The Value of Variant covers In The Wicked + The Divine

    The Value of Variant covers In The Wicked + The Divine0

    Critics have referred to variant covers as one of the scourges of the direct market comics industry, and they may have a point. Variant covers became popular in the 1990s when comics publishers sold them to speculators in order to increase sales numbers. Eventually, when the fad of buying comics passed, the market crashed. Now