• The Wedding Issue: <s>Kitty Pryde and Colossus</s> Mr. and Mrs. X!

    The Wedding Issue: Kitty Pryde and Colossus Mr. and Mrs. X!1

    Aside from “Who would win in a fight?”, no debate gets comic fans more heated than the question of whether or not superheroes should marry. In this mini-feature, former Bride Rebecca Henely-Weiss and Bride-to-Be Kayleigh Hearn take a trip to today’s spinner racks and look at the most recent times comic companies took the plunge

  • Get Outta My Way: Why I Love Scrolling Beaters

    Get Outta My Way: Why I Love Scrolling Beaters0

    Do you ever look at things you like and realise that they’re all the same thing, every one of them? Just varied details on an essential appeal. Me, for example, I’ve been re-reading X-Men archives for the past two months and paying close attention to which details make me like the whole so much. And here’s what

  • News & Things: Happy Boxing Day!

    News & Things: Happy Boxing Day!0

    • December 26, 2013

    Welcome back to News & Things! It’s a slow news day, as a lot of people are still digging into their Yule Logs, but we still have some tasty news bites for you! News Superman’s Resurgence Dashes Hopes for Shazam Movie Hoping to see Billy Batson’s Captain Marvel on the big screen? Unfortunately it may