News & Things: Happy Boxing Day!

Welcome back to News & Things! It’s a slow news day, as a lot of people are still digging into their Yule Logs, but we still have some tasty news bites for you!


Superman’s Resurgence Dashes Hopes for Shazam Movie

Hoping to see Billy Batson’s Captain Marvel on the big screen? Unfortunately it may be a long wait, because Man of Steel‘s success has put development on the back burner.

Chip Zdarsky on Sex Criminals

Comics Alliance interviews the artist of Image’s new hit, Sex Criminals:

“I originally suggested we do our take on fantasy, because we both don’t care for fantasy. I’ve never read Lord of the Rings, as a kid, I remember throwing the book across the room after forty pages. I know Matt and I both make fun of Ed Brubaker for his love of Lord of the Rings, and I thought it would be really funny if we did a comic about fantasy, knowing nothing about fantasy. Matt was like “that’s a good idea, but here’s a better idea: what about a comic about people who f**k, and they stop time by doing that and rob banks?” I was like “oh… yeah, okay, that’s pretty good. That’s cool.” I was just delirious because I hadn’t slept and I was on this train, but we went back and forth for the whole trip and I got super excited about it, and that was the beginning.”

Top 10 Alternate Movie Posters of 2013

Reelizer has your list, from The Dynamation of Ray Harryhausen to Psycho.

Rogue Cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past

Sad news for Rogue fans–Bryan Singer revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Anna Paquin’s character, last seen in X-Men: The Last Stand, had her scenes cut from the final film.



How Fanzines Helped Put Doctor Who Fans in Charge of Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor is here! While you’re recovering from “The Time of the Doctor,” read this history of Doctor Who fanzines and how, after 50 years, Doctor Who‘s fandom has influenced and taken part in the show.

And Finally…

If you haven’t already read Kate Beaton’s fantastic, hilarious, and heartwarming comics about Christmas with her family, do it now.

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