Sequential Sartorial: Rogue’s Best Looks

5 versions of Rogue in different costumes

You can’t talk about the X-Men’s Rogue without talking about her outfits, so here are my favourite Rogue looks… from within the period of publication I consider “one whole story.”

11. Black bodystocking plus green strapless costume, green opera gloves & green thigh high boots—mostly seen in the Silvestri era, I think?

It’s dramatic, but it’s not quite “there.” An agreeable visualisation of someone almost come into their own as an adult.

Rogue by Art Adams 7-5-1991

10. Green, hooded travelling combo drawn by Paul Smith for the trip to Japan for Wolverine’s wedding.

Perfectly hopeful, perfectly meek-but-ready. A Good Girl. Smith is the only one who really managed this haircut, too. (Uncanny X-Men #172, Paul Smith under Bob Wiacek with Glynis Wein)

Rogue wearing a large green tunic stands in a doorway

9. Red/yellow/white athleisure + bomber jacket for the concert where Xavier is shot by “Cable”, Uncanny X-Men #29: Brandon Peterson under Terry Austin, with Mike Thomas.

This is so bugfuck an outfit it’s actually extremely 2019 (mayyybe more like 2018. But whatever). Was Peterson gambling on making this bodystocking enough of a hit that it could have been her new uniform?

Rogue leans on a tree and Bishop stands next to her

8. First date dress/lace body stocking combo, X-Men v.2 #4: Jim Lee under Scott Williams, with Joe Rosas.

The dark red is so shiny and dramatic. The pink lace is so romantic yet reminds you of her touch problem. Her hair has been “done.” She has a lace bandanna to match her outfit, instead of the regular bandanna that goes with her uniform. Gambit is really into it, obviously. This outfit is better than “8,” really. I do just think it might be slightly itchy.

Rogue gets all dolled up for a date with Gambit

7. Savage Land rags

Because a) they do look great, let’s be real and b) we actually see them being made out of her torn-up clothes, and which bit becomes what—it’s so practical. First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #269. Jim Lee under Art Thibert, with Steve Buccellato (for my money, the best X-Men colourist). Her hair is just incrrrrrrredible here. Technically that’s unrealistic, but I do not care.

Rogue stands in a savage forest wearing torn clothes, with a dinosaur and waterfall behind her

6. Black body stocking + (sometimes green bikini bottoms)/oversize vest + white double-looping studded belt—hard to source precisely (between Uncanny X-Men #193 and Uncanny X-Men #227)

This particular configuration is a good one, as seen on the costume gallery point (4) at Some interesting beginnings of true-period “big hair Rogue” to be seen in this run, visible there and below. She’s almost confident enough for the mane… but not quite!

Rogue battles Spiral

5. All-yellow (gold?) leather + roller skates to hit on bozo Longshot/be mean to frenemy Dazzler in Australia, Uncanny X-Men #240: Marc Silvestri under Dan Green with Glynis Oliver.

Little pointy sunglasses, a magnificent addition. Truly a Bored Bitch outfit smash hit.

Dazzler and Rogue argue over outfits and Longshot

4. Green sleeveless + black bikini bottoms to kiss the plane window during baseball in Uncanny X-Men #201: Rick Leonardi under Whilce Portacio with Glynis Oliver.

The embodiment of “carefree.”

Rogue flies by an airplane

3. Green & white carriage ride date dress, X-Men v.2 #24 DURING DINNER, SHE WEARS NO GLOVES, bc HE IS WEARING THEM INSTEAD: Andy Kubert under Bill Sienkiewicz with Paul Becton.

The prim stripes on the skirt and like… riding jacket? Combined with the intense steamy-dreamy nature of the date itself (even though carriage rides suck, don’t do them)… ah, ah. Ah!

Rogue and Gambit on a date in a carriage

2. Picnic/boysenberry pie summer combo, X-Men v.2 #8: Jim Lee under Art Thibert or possibly solo, with Joe Rosas.

The shortest of short shorts, the briefest of blouses—the obviousness of her home-adjusted armband accessory. You just cut the bottom of your shirt off and figured “waste not, want not,” didn’t you? You canny lass. The GIGANTIC hair! Nearly nude on a date with a handster is a very, very telling choice for this character and her feelings about the situation. Mmmmmmm.

Rogue stands in the foreground while Bishop and Gambit argue

1. Jim Lee relaunch uniform.

Basically, just perfect. Cropped jacket, loose hip belt… everything is there. It can’t be beat. Iconic.


Additional shoutouts, for costumes seen after my narrative cut-off: X-Treme blue & red (X-Treme X-Men #1: Salvador Larocca with LIQUID!), a kicky new direction that looks good as a suit and blends well with the team, as well as appearing more confident (primary colours) as Rogue finds purpose on a new team with a definite mission; New X-Men-style crop top & leather leggings (X-Treme X-Men #19, Salvador Larrocca with LIQUID!), just a cute outfit that I would wear; sexual mining costume (Uncanny X-Men #342: Joe Madureira under Tim Townsend with Steve Buccellato & team): again, a strong new colour scheme that suits the character and her stressed-out state of mind, plus during this period Rogue and Remy bone, which I approve of. Amen.

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