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Community Parade Outfit from Fashion Forecasts by Yumi Sakugawa image via Retrofit

Yumi Sakugawa Imagines a Beautiful Future with Fashion Forecasts

Fashion Forecasts Yumi Sakugawa Retrofit September 2018 It can be difficult to look forward to a new year, especially as the world moves in a downward progression politically and morally. There’s a pressure to reflect on the past year, which means considering how we’ve grown, but also remembering all the negative experiences and difficulties. Fortunately,…

ignatz and krazy kat by Author: George Herriman

2015 Ignatz Award Nominees

If the Eisner Awards are akin to the Academy Awards of the comics world, then the Ignatz Awards, presented at the annual Small Press Expo, is akin to the Sundance Film Festival. You’ll see some of the same professionals you see in mainstream comics (and many you haven’t…yet), but these projects are different. They’re innovative. Personal….