• Multifarious: Shel Silverstein, Magnets, and Fauvists, or What the Hell is Art?

    Multifarious: Shel Silverstein, Magnets, and Fauvists, or What the Hell is Art?0

    Last month, Vulture ran a piece where eight museum directors of such ivy-league museums as Art Institute of Chicago, the Guggenheim, etc. shared their favorite pieces of art. It got me thinking about how we come around to art, and as always, what the hell art is anyway. Obviously, we at WWAC have a pretty

  • Multifarious: Art of the Body

    Multifarious: Art of the Body0

    Multifarious is back in the New Year, and for this one, we decided to go with a theme: art and the female body.

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    Haunting Women I first saw Carly Janine Mazur’s illustrations in the pages of Nightmare Magazine. She’s a Connecticut based artist who works primarily in oils and acrylic, and her work is definitely on the dark and haunting side. Similarly, Craww’s work features horned figures, birds, and women’s faces tilting upwards. Much of the shapes happen organically

  • Multifarious: Space Art and GIF Technology

    Multifarious: Space Art and GIF Technology1

    Welcome back to Multifarious, our weekend arts linkblog. What’s new in our own personal art worlds? What’s new in unusual art?  PasteDesign has discovered the best thing. The best thing! There is now a giphoscope! The Giphoscope looks a bit like a haunted rolodex, with a moment from a film playing forever inside. It’s a low tech creation

  • Multifarious: Welcome to the Future

    Multifarious: Welcome to the Future1

    Famous Avant Garde Painting Discovered…in Stuart Little’s Living Room? Discovery of famous lost pieces of art aren’t completely unknown, but you don’t exactly expect to see them in the house of a CGI mouse voiced by Michael J. Fox. A work by Hungarian avant-garde artist Róbert Berény was recently unearthed when an art historian spotted

  • Multifarious: Praying in a See-Through Church

    Multifarious: Praying in a See-Through Church0

    It’s Nice That has a rundown of why and how the New Yorker manages to consistently get such wonderful illustrated covers. From Chris Ware, to Adrian Tomine, those New Yorker covers are killing it, and it’s all thanks to art editor Francoise Mouly and contributor Mina Kaneko. Work like this is important to cartoonists and