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Viktoria Modesta, Prototype video


Haunting Women I first saw Carly Janine Mazur’s illustrations in the pages of Nightmare Magazine. She’s a Connecticut based artist who works primarily in oils and acrylic, and her work is definitely on the dark and haunting side. Similarly, Craww’s work features horned figures, birds, and women’s faces tilting upwards. Much of the shapes happen organically…

Multifarious: Welcome to the Future

Famous Avant Garde Painting Discovered…in Stuart Little’s Living Room? Discovery of famous lost pieces of art aren’t completely unknown, but you don’t exactly expect to see them in the house of a CGI mouse voiced by Michael J. Fox. A work by Hungarian avant-garde artist Róbert Berény was recently unearthed when an art historian spotted…

digital comics museum. Treasure Chest v10 002

Multifarious: But the art of it

The rise of curation in popular culture Has the curator supplanted the creator in popular imagination? The Globe and Mail examines the rise of curation as a profession and an art form. The curator’s job has been, among other things, to find the through line. She provides a practical function, telling us who to trust…

Virginie Ropars doll

Multifarious: Art Untranslatable

I am sucker for typography and illustration. These illustrations by artist Ellen Frances Sanders depicting untranslatable words combine my favorite things: typography, illustration, and the charming and often frustrating nuance of languages:   While you are at it, take a look at her other work. — Ginnis Aaaaah. So beautiful. Why, why can’t Jodorowsky just sit…

Wired: "Tania Kitchell's "Occupy II: Occupy II are reproductions of alien plant species that have been seen in Arctic regions"

Multifarious: Which Inspires Awe

This photographer: http://www.sashaarutyunova.com/ Absolutely stunning photographs of people, places, things. I follow Sasha Arutyunova on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. In an age of constant BuzzFeed articles telling me which “10 Photographs Will Inspire Awe,” and “25 Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away,” and so on, it’s nice to look at an artist’s work…