Multifarious: Apple Strudel vs Art

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One day, a woman made a fine very apple strudel. She shared that strudel with an artist, who in turn gifted her with a painting. Now, that painting is up at auction and experts estimate it will earn the woman’s daughter somewhere between $15,000 – $20,000. That artist? William Kurelek. That strudel? Damn fine, apparently.

“She always made these apple strudels that were to die for, and he had had a piece of that and said it was great,” Christina, 60, said in a telephone interview. “So my mom made him some and took extra jam over the next time and extra fruit and vegetables and stuff. He ended up coming over and saying: ‘This is for all the vegetables and apple strudel and jams you’ve given me. I really appreciate it.’ It was like his mom had made … and that’s how she ended up with the picture.”

— Megan


Via The Guardian, I have just learned that “In 1979, the king of fashion photography created Walking Legs, an ad campaign that showed severed mannequin limbs strutting their stuff by bus stops, beach huts and factories. Now, they’re being exhibited in all their strangeness for the first time”

All the strangeness? You are not kidding, Guardian. You are not full of kid. These. Are. Weird. But they’re also wonderful. Mannequin parts that have shaken of their mannequin bodies, busted out of store windows to roam free. Bits and pieces of mannequin, stand-ins for disembodied, dismembered-to-symbol bodies of women in advertising. So much potential meaning! And really, I just like the one where the mannequin legs visit the sea.

Guy Bourdin

And if you haven’t had enough of unusual models, here are some goat models! (And I’m not kidding, ha ha ha. Um.) Kevin Horan has done a whole series of photo portraits of goats. It sounds like the project was a labour of love, which, cuuuuute.

— Megan

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