• BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret

    BOOM! Bar: Rangers, Revenge, Regret0

    Hi-Fi Fight Club (BOOM! Box) develops its sweet and fresh central girl/girl romance, and starts to open up some of the secrets under the record shop. I don’t know how this story is gonna wrap up in only four issues, but it’s a very pretty book with an affirmational, welcoming perspective. We’ve got a longer feature

  • License, Please: Jurassic Park Is a Really Bad Comic

    License, Please: Jurassic Park Is a Really Bad Comic1

    What if I were to tell you that Walt Simonson, Gil Kane, and George Perez–three of the most beloved names in comics–made a book together? “It’s almost too good to be true,” I hear you cry aloud! Yes. Walt and these two great G-monikered men working on a book you’ve probably yet to read. What

  • BOOM! BAR: Hit Me With Nostalgia Sticks

    BOOM! BAR: Hit Me With Nostalgia Sticks0

    This week, Misfit City (BOOM! Box) starts to get good. Reading the previous issues was frustrating—the characters don’t quite manage to blossom beyond their gimmicks (the research one, the one who smiles fiercely while she disparages you, the Kristy, the one who… lives in an old derelict tower? Is she a ghost? I don’t think so?