• Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition

    Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition2

    Another year has come to a close, and in-between experiencing an existential despair heretofore unknown to me, I read a bunch of great comics. And so did our bevy of wonderful writers! And some of those comics happened to come from small presses, indie creators, self-publishing, and the internet. We’ve written up a collection of

  • Inspiring Women in Comics: Publisher Edition

    Inspiring Women in Comics: Publisher Edition0

    Meg Lemke here… Who do I admire? Thank you for asking. I’m going insider baseball/book publishing industry with this, which is only a short-list of all the women I’ve looked up to in my comics career thus far. If we get into artists, this is going to go on all day. Also, full and hopefully obvious disclosure:

  • 2015 Ignatz Award Nominees

    2015 Ignatz Award Nominees0

    If the Eisner Awards are akin to the Academy Awards of the comics world, then the Ignatz Awards, presented at the annual Small Press Expo, is akin to the Sundance Film Festival. You’ll see some of the same professionals you see in mainstream comics (and many you haven’t…yet), but these projects are different. They’re innovative. Personal.