• Last Week’s Episode: Hellboy, Hawkeye, & Dove

    Last Week’s Episode: Hellboy, Hawkeye, & Dove0

    Another week, another cascade of comics-adjacent media in the news! Hellboy drops this week, Avengers this month, and Disney cannot stop itself from mining the Marvel IP mines for literally everything they can. Lexi Alexander Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone), Oscar-nominated director, kickboxing champion, former stuntwoman, and prolific tweeter, did a really fascinating interview about cinematography,

  • Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail

    Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail0

    As you may or may not know, my hair is just past my shoulders, and if it’s down (as in not tied up) there isn’t all that much I can successfully do without it ending up with it either my mouth, my eyes, or caught up in something. The potential for me doing anything particularly

  • Review: Hawkeye #1 Hits the Bullseye

    Review: Hawkeye #1 Hits the Bullseye0

    Hawkeye #1 Kelly Thompson (s), Leonardo Romero (p), Jordie Bellaire (c), VC’s Joe Sabino (l) Marvel Comics December 14, 2016