• New Mutants #10: Welcome to the Nightmare Zone

    New Mutants #10: Welcome to the Nightmare Zone0

    It’s been a long few months since New Mutants #9, but as the comics industry is waking back up after a forced slumber, the New Mutants find themselves dragged down into a waking nightmare. In an issue rich with lurid visuals, Ed Brisson, Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, and Travis Lanham bring the New Mutants back to

  • Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath

    Marauders #10: A Queen’s Wrath0

    It’s been a while since we’ve been here, so a quick recap of Marauders #9 is in order: the X-Men discovered a stowaway riding aboard (inside) of Pyro and dispatched him and a strongly worded warning back to Homines Verendi. Now, Emma Frost, tamping down her pain over Kate’s unsolved murder and continued failed resurrection

  • Hellions #1 Stepped On Me And I Liked It

    Hellions #1 Stepped On Me And I Liked It0

    Hey Tom King, this is how you talk about trauma without it just being tragedy porn. There was an abundance of trauma in Hellions #1, but none of it seemed gratuitous or unnecessary.