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Con Diares: Ivy Goes to Otakon & Watches All The Anime pt. 2: I’m In Hell, This Is Hell

Is there any sound more gratingly condescending than the low-to-high slide of “hey, guys” coming out of the mouth of a convention volunteer staffer? They raise their hands to chest level, lock eyes with you, and smile sympathetically—it’s not your fault you skirted around the line, you’re just too stupid! “I’m a dealer, actually,” I…

Con Diary: C2E2 Day 1

This was my second time going to C2E2. Two years ago I boarded the shuttle to McCormick Place by myself, and without plans to meet anyone there, and I had a great time. This year I brought a friend, which just made it better. We stopped by M Burger to get appropriate fuel, then headed…