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Lobo #9 cover

Yes, There’s Rape in Lobo #9

(Content Warning: This article contains discussion of rape) The warning-free preview of Lobo #9, written by Frank J. Barbiere and Cullen Bunn, art by Szymon Kudranski and Cliff Richards, and colors by Blond, opens with villain Countess Fabria Odessa taking control of Lobo via mechanical spiders. She has him spread eagled on a bed, unable to fight back, and she straddles…

Dissecting the Asian Drama: Gender Boundaries, Perception, and Performance in You’re Beautiful and Hana Kimi (Part 1)

Should you ever find yourself perusing Netflix, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll come across “foreign” TV shows. They’re usually shorter than the average American TV series—ten or eleven episodes in length and rarely more than one season long—and more often than not, they are romantic comedies with Asian characters and settings.