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Logo for 2018 Splatterpunk Awards

2018 Splatterpunk Awards: Collections and Anthologies

Welcome back to Bookmarked’s series reviewing every single finalist for the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards, to be presented next month at KillerCon Austin! The previous installment took a scalpel to the short stories and novellas. Now, let us move on to the categories covering books of short stories, be they single-author collections or multi-author anthologies. Editor’s…

With Great Popularity Comes Great Eroticism – The Conversion of Pixie

Warning: This article contains images depicting violent acts against women. It’s incredibly common that once a female comic book character gains popularity, she is drawn to be more sexually appealing. This is done by dressing her in more revealing clothing, making her thinner and/or bustier, and, if she’s not white, lightening her skin tone—often a combination…