• Giles #1: The Earth is Doomed

    Giles #1: The Earth is Doomed0

    Giles #1 Joss Whedon and Erika Alexander (writers), Jon Lam (artist), Dan Jackson (colorist), Steve Morris (cover artist) Dark Horse February 2018 Giles is one of my favorite characters in all of the lovable Buffyverse, but the new mystery mini-series Giles is rubbing me the wrong way. I was so looking forward to it, too.

  • Buffy Challenge Season 9

    Buffy Challenge Season 90

    Season 9 OMGIMADEIT I DID IT Character Arc: Buffy Out of Place to Slayer at the Center We’re back to it! Zompires! And a BIG BAD that scares the BIG BADS! AND! AND! We’re back to having not super powered Scoobies and I <3 that so much. Best Issue: “Billy the Vampire Slayer.” Worst Issue: I

  • Buffy Challenge Season 8

    Buffy Challenge Season 81

    Buffy Season 8 Character Arc: Slayer Gatherer to Slayer Abjured It is interesting to see the transition from TV to Comics. The things that were strengths in the show (BIG OL’ ROUSING SPEECHES! for one) would fall flat in a comic. And they know it and play with it. The main story picks up towards

  • Buffy Challenge Season 7

    Buffy Challenge Season 70

    Season 7 Character Arc: Slayer Teacher to Slayer Master Slow to start, but then ALL PLOT, ALL THE TIME! While there are aspects of this season that I don’t care for, and at times it feels like they had four different plots planned out and they realized they had only one season left so they

  • Buffy Challenge Season 6

    Buffy Challenge Season 60

    Season 6 Character Arc: Slayer Returned, To Slayer Alive The season, while PLAGUED with issues (see what to Watch Out For), has a tight plot, and is a fast paced emotional roller coaster. SERIOUS FEELS AHOY. Watch For: Dawn breathing fire, floating Tara is made “COME plete” *wink wink nudge nudge,* and Dark Willow—which is WAY

  • Buffy Challenge Season 5

    Buffy Challenge Season 50

    Season 5 Character Arc: Stand Alone Sister to Sacrifice This season is almost all plot and very little monster o’ the week. Basically if you aren’t completely sucked in by the Glory/Spike/family issues story-lines, Buffy isn’t for you anymore, because there aren’t any haunted houses or spooky children to get by on. But you should