Cover Girl: Faith #1

A dark haired woman stands under a dusky

Welcome to Cover Girls. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Cori, Andrea, and Nola share their thoughts on the cover of Faith #1 by Kevin Wada.

A dark haired woman sits on her motorbike under a dusky sky. Her helmet rests against her hip and a wooden stake is visible near her crotch

What is your initial reaction to this cover as a piece of comics art?

Cori: Is that a stake on your thigh or are you just happy to see me?

Andrea: She is staring into my soul, judging what she has seen there, and I’m not mad at it? Honestly though, the way her outfit has been realized is kinda astounding. It’s refreshingly plain to me but it comes alive with her glare. Not to mention the subtle way the sunset catches the light in her eyes to really drive it home.

Nola: Big. Top. Energy.

No but really, I love the way this works as a piece; Wada’s skill with adapting celebrity likenesses is top-notch, and he’s done a great job here of giving the character a lot of power and poise while sacrificing none of her femininity. It’s delightful to look at.

What do you think the artist is trying to achieve?

Cori: Enough top energy to make any queer woman squeal.

Andrea: It’s sunset on sanctimony. Night night. She’s absolutely in control and loving every second of it.

Nola: I assume the intent is for me to climb on the back of that bike and ride off into the sunset with her.

That stake tho right?

Cori: I’m sorry did you say something?

Andrea: Speak softly and carry a big stake. Isn’t that what Roosevelt always said?

Nola: I really have to credit the Buffy comics for always keeping the stakes elevated in the story.

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