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Stage Select Toronto June 6, 2015

Con Diaries: Stage Select Toronto

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Stage Select, Toronto’s newest pop culture convention, but stumble I did, and dragged along my friend Trisha, my nephew Brandon, and his girlfriend Nadia. I purchased tickets well in advance, watching the fledgling convention’s website slowly build up its following and its program. Trisha and I are convention veterans,…

Short & Sweet: TCAF Edition!

OTP Maki Naro Self Published 2015 Maki Naro calls OTP the first Triassic romance comic. In 1975, paleontologists found a Triassic era fossilized cast. In 2012, we finally found out was inside the cast, thanks to the European Synchronotron Radiation Facility, which peered inside the cast and discovered two animals, locked in a fatal embrace:…

Toronto ComicCon 2015 photo by Wendy Browne

Con Diaries: Toronto Comic Con

Recently, when Netflix failed to have a particular show I was looking for, it made a few recommendations, including Mike Tyson’s Mysteries in which the former boxer, his adopted daughter, a nice ghost, and an alcoholic pigeon solve mysteries. At my first stop on the convention show floor at Toronto Comic Con, there was not one,…