Author: Melissa Brinks

In John Constantine: Hellblazer, Missteps Set the Series Up for Something Greater

John Constantine: Hellblazer #2 opens with Noah, the mute boy from the previous issue, proclaiming his dislike for the titular magician. He’s right, but nobody is listening. The room of Ri-Boys and Constantine don’t understand sign language, and despite the absolute truth of what he’s saying and the necessity of these characters hearing it, it’s…

Three panels from "Vanishing." In the first, a description box reads, "'Or vanish into nothing," and a character says, "Hey! Is that... Creep?" In the second, a character asks for left, stating that they are being left. In the third, the other two characters stare up at the third, who is levitating above the ground.

Matthew Erman and Sally Cantirino Talk Emo, Horror, and the Upcoming Dead Beats Anthology

Love music? Love horror? Same, which is why I was immediately drawn to Dead Beats, an upcoming comics anthology from A Wave Blue World. Collecting comics from talented creators like Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Daniel Kibblesmith, Rachel Pollack, Ivy Noelle Weir, and Vita Ayala, the anthology celebrates the spooky side of our favorite music genres.