Author: Melinda Pierce

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This Week in WWAC History: X-Men Lists

Not only do the WWAC staffers put together great essays, reviews, and comic industry news, they also compile lists on a variety of topics. Some of our more popular lists involve Red-Headed Superheroes (and Villains) and a list of Harley Quinn’s Best to Worst Outfits. This weekend we’ve combed the archives for a sample of lists on…

Two Takes on M3 Volume One: Beginnings

M3 Volume 1: Beginnings Erica Shultz (writer), Vincente Alcazar (artist) Vices Press, Digital Release September 24, 2014 Disclaimer: This review contains some spoilers. WWAC reviewed M3: Volume 1 with a review copy from Vices Press. Last summer was busy with WWACs Swords of Sorrow event coverage, but when Desiree and I were given an opportunity to review…

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This Week in WWAC History: Friendship

As you could probably tell, the WWAC History theme of the past couple of weeks has centered around the release of Captain America: Civil War. Today is no different, but from the headline and articles below you may not be able to tell why. I’ll explain the connection. The movie trailer has me concerned about a…

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This Week in WWAC History: Geek Fashion

I’m not sure what it is about April that gets me excited about fashion. It could be the spring cleaning of closets in my house where I’m tossing out the old and ready to fill the empty spaces with the new. Since my wardrobe consists of a lot of fandom appreciation apparel, it’s only fitting that…