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As you could probably tell, the WWAC History theme of the past couple of weeks has centered around the release of Captain America: Civil War. Today is no different, but from the headline and articles below you may not be able to tell why. I’ll explain the connection. The movie trailer has me concerned about a specific friendship — Black Widow and Hawkeye. Leaving the comic book history of these two characters out of my analysis, from what I’ve seen over the past Avenger movies is a strong friendship between these two characters. Maybe the strongest so far if I’m basing my judgement off of the fact they’ve been friends since before they came on screen, and appear to trust each other implicitly. But, the trailer for the Civil War movie has me concerned as it appears these characters are on opposite sides of a very important issue for the first time. So, while I anxiously wait to see the outcome, I’m going to focus my energy on some WWAC articles that center around friendship in a positive manner. Enjoy!

Cook Your Comics: Becky Cloonan’s Magic Zucchini Friendship Bread, August 24, 2014,

I get excited anytime I see a recipe in a comic book, because then I get to take “cook your comics” semi-literally. Comic creator Becky Cloonan (Wolves, American Virgin, Conan the Barbarian) recently cartooned her experience with making this bread and giving it to friends (which is why it’s friendship bread!) after a bumper crop of zucchini came ripe in her garden. She posted the comic strip on her Tumblr, so I decided to test it out for your benefit. And for the benefit of the people with whom I’m going to share this bread.


The whole comic is adorable. You should read it. There’s a special guest star and everything.

If you’ve never had zucchini bread and are skeptical of the concept, that’s okay. The zucchini is grated so finely that it melts away into the bread as it bakes. If you’re serving it to picky eaters, maybe don’t tell them it has zucchini in it. Just call it “Friendship Bread,” or say it’s a quick bread with walnuts and cinnamon. Don’t make a big deal. The final product doesn’t look or taste like zucchini. It looks like this:


Even when you look closely, the only “bits” you can see are walnuts.


Cloonan did a lovely job of imparting the recipe via sequential art, so I won’t reproduce it all here. I guarantee she was less wordy about it than I would be. However, below I have added some notes of my own that may be helpful. And for your shopping convenience, here is the ingredient list to make two loaves: READ MORE

Apple Picking at Night: Friendship, Risks & Summer Loving, May 20, 2014,

Since You’ve Been Gone
Morgan Matson
Simon & Schuster

Since You've Been Gone. Morgan Matson. Simon and Schuster.

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of the book from the publisher for an honest review.

Since You’ve Been Gone is about Emily and Sloane: two best friends about to embark on an epic summer of fun. Right before it even begins, Sloane disappears leaving Emily confused and in possession of a list of thirteen Sloan-esque things to do. Before Sloan, Emily was the wallflower. After Sloan, Emily was brought out of her shell and was doing things she normally wouldn’t. Now she’s got a list of tasks (i.e. “Kiss a Stranger”) that she would never do…but she will because it could lead her to her best friend.

I read this book a few weeks back and I felt like sunshine, lemonade and Birkenstock sandals by the end of it. It was a fabulous summer read and I really wish I could’ve gotten lost in it under the sun. Not surprising when Morgan Matson has written two other books that both take place in the summer heat, perfecting the book’s overall tone. It had three things I enjoy and seek out in a book: friendship, personal growth and a natural approach to romance. All great for fiction overall but more so for young adult readers which this book targets.

The book’s synopsis states that our main protagonist, Emily, is brought out of her shell by her best friend, Sloan, which is true. Ever since meeting Sloan, Emily can do things she never would have done like help haggle down the price of aviators at a flea market or go to a party at an abandoned orchard. However, Emily’s act of putting herself out there is dependent on Sloan’s company and she uses Sloan as a crutch in dealing with social interactions as we see in the flashbacks. This list and Sloan’s absence forces Emily to stand on her own in making decisions, taking chances and doing the activities that scare her the most. These were things I could relate to as someone who lived (and still lives to a degree) in a state of comfortability and safety as a teen. Why go to parties and out myself as awkward, klutzy and uninteresting when I can stay home and read, write and watch other peoples stories on screen? This is a personal growth that gripped me despite it not being about saving the world in a crumbling society. READ MORE

Super Betty Cooper: 5 Reasons She’s the Hero We  Need and Bestie We Deserve, July 20, 2015,

The Riverdale gang aren’t just musicians, athletes, designers, scientists, time travellers, adventurers, and Predator and zombie battlers, they’re also superheroes! Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, and Moose are the Super Teens.bv118p1

Betty Cooper, the sometime co-leader of the team, is Superteen, transforming into her alter-ego by twisting her magic ponytail. Her powers include the classic three—flight, strength, and resilience—and are identical to team leader Archie’s, but for one important difference: his are limited. While Archie, who takes on the nom de super of Pureheart, has the same powers as Betty, his can be depleted or influenced by outside sources. And, importantly, they depend on his keeping up his Ph factor: a pure heart.

Unlike Archie, Superteen Betty Cooper is a power unto herself. Not only does she keep herself powered and peppy, she has also been known to give Archie a power up. Where Archie falters, she keeps steady, and when the rest of the team stumbles into trouble, Betty is there with a plan. Superteen is, obviously, the real hero of the Super Teen super team. READ MORE


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  1. I’m definitely worried about the relationship between Hawkeye and Black Widow. Theirs is one of my favorite relationships in the MCU. And it’s one of the few friendships where the characters seem to be on an even level. What is MCU trying to achieve in pitting them together? To show that a man and woman cannot be friends without some element of battle? Men and women aren’t intended to be friends? To be a hero is to be alone?
    I won’t be seeing the movie until someone tells me it was only a ploy.

    1. Hubby keeps telling me not to put too much belief in what’s shown in the teasers. “It’s all a trick to stir us up.” I’m going on Sat and I hope I’ll have happy news to report about our fav friendship! 🙂

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