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    Lex Fields

    Lex is a law school grad who spends most of her nights slamming into other women while wearing roller skates. She enjoys lettering comics, writing gothic fairy tales, and handbinding zines.

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  • Do Not Read In Public: Let’s Talk About Sex (In Comics)

    Do Not Read In Public: Let’s Talk About Sex (In Comics)7

    Content Warning: Discussion and depiction of sexuality. So I’m just a girl in a comic book store. I’m aimlessly walking around, letting my gaze go from cover to cover, waiting for something to catch my eye. I glance over a shitload of caped crusaders, lots of skintight catsuits, a couple of combat action sequences. Nothing really

  • Top 10 Indie Horror Movies on Netflix

    Top 10 Indie Horror Movies on Netflix11

    • April 16, 2015

    So I was a really morbid kid. From reading about serial killers to binge-watching midnight slasher movies, I’ve never shied away from the gruesome. Lately, my bloodlust for all things gore has morphed into a respect for the understated. While I can appreciate a good splatter here and there, I am admittedly a bigger fan