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    Kate Tanski

    Recovering academic. Fangirl. Geek knitter.

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  • X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 Splits the Difference

    X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 Splits the Difference0

    Team-up titles are a comics staple, so for reviewing this team-up series, Kate Tanski, resident Fantastic Four fan and Johnny Storm stan, has teamed up with Rachel Knight, the world’s foremost Fantastic Four historian. Because Kate has zero knowledge of the X-Men and will go out of her way to avoid X-related comics, she invited

  • My First Comic: Katy Keene Comics Digest Magazine

    My First Comic: Katy Keene Comics Digest Magazine2

    For the longest time when people asked me when I got into comics I gave one of three answers: 1. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman 2. Geoff Johns & Mike McKone on Teen Titans 3. Late ’90s/Early ’00s manga

  • #WomenOnPanels, One Year Later

    #WomenOnPanels, One Year Later0

    Editors Note: Comics Academe is back for 2020! In 2019 we published 15 articles, the majority of which were essays and reviews from scholars from different disciplines, some which are traditionally excluded from comics studies annotated bibliographies, such as Spanish Language Instruction, and Archaeology. But nearly one-third of which were interviews with people who would

  • Previously on Comics: Dear Comics Industry

    Previously on Comics: Dear Comics Industry1

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    • January 13, 2020

    Hello once again Dear Reader! I hope you are quite recovered from the New Year’s festivities and ready to face 2020 with alacrity. No? Yeah, me neither. So, let’s get into the news that came out last week, which was a lot, thanks to the holidays and such. It seems like two comics companies decided