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Hello again, friends. Kate here to bring you up to speed with what happened in comics last week that you may have missed because, you know, pandemic.

The week started off with very sad news about Robson Rocha, who passed away due to complications from COVID-19. There were some very moving tributes to be found on social media. Jim Lee posted these words on Twitter:

Kelly Sue DeConnick also wrote about her grief in a newsletter earlier this week.

Robson Rocha died from complications related to COVID. He was 41. He had a wife and a very young daughter. In an email he wrote me in January, a couple weeks after his diagnosis, he said, “I’m fine… But I can’t help but to feel extremely angry about it. I feel like I lost a war.”

I feel angry about it too. I’m angry at the universe, and at Bolsonaro.

The pandemic isn’t over. In the United States, with vaccination rates at about 48% we had another 35.5k cases diagnosed yesterday, and another 338 deaths. In Brazil, where less than 16% of their population has been able to get vaccinated, they had 52.7k new cases and 1,548.  Every one of those numbers is a Robson. Every one of them is a person who was loved and needed and now is missed. There are so many holes in our world today. How do you even calculate the effects of that kind of radiant despair?

The week also ended sadly with the news that letterer Bill Tortolini had passed away.

There is a GoFundMe set up in support of his family here.

Indigenous artist Jeffrey Veregge is still in the hospital, but finally seems to be on the mend according to the latest updates posted on his GoFundMe page. He is finally being released from the ICU after 26 days, but there is still so much healing to be done, and the GoFundMe for his family and medical expenses is still active.

It was also my dad’s birthday on July 13th. He passed away in 2016, but I still think of him on his birthday, so there was a lot of grief and grieving happening for me last week, so I will wrap up this week’s with two small news notes that are representative of my way of grieving.

First, let the people you care about know you appreciate them.

SDCC is right around the corner, so naturally NYCC released the nominees and opened voting for their version of the Eisners, the Harvey Awards.

Second, don’t be that person who didn’t do something before they died just because they didn’t ever get around to it.

ShortBox’s August Mini-Grants are open for application. Apply.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.

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