So You Liked the Batfam Webtoon — What’s Next?

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If you’re already a Webtoon user, then adding Wayne Family Adventures to your subscription list was probably no big deal. But there’s no way none of the 544K subscribers are new, so for those of you who signed up just to read Robin hijinks but want to learn more, here are some Webtoon recommendations to add to your reading lists.

Yuna and Kawachan
Lauren Schmidt

If you like action, a more Western-comics art style, teen protagonists and found family dynamics, I recommend Yuna and Kawachan by Lauren Schmidt. A schoolgirl and a traumatized mascot character fend off shapeshifting monsters on their way to a safe haven, encountering new friends and enemies along the way. It’s beautifully drawn and uses the vertical scroll format to incredible effect. Best of all, it’s a complete story at just 80 episodes, making it a quick read!

— Masha Zhdanova

Super Secret

Super Secret, eon, Webtoons

If the found family aspect of Batfam is what appeals to you, try Super Secret by eon! Emma and Ryan are neighbors and have been friends since they were children, and Ryan has always looked after Emma. However, Ryan’s holding onto a big secret – he and his family aren’t human, and if Emma ever finds out the truth she’ll be in danger! When Emma starts dating someone new, their lives get a lot more complicated. This is a really sweet comic about a bunch of people who love each other and just want to take care of each other. The character designs are especially fun – eon has a great eye for fashion, and each character has a unique style that fits their personality perfectly. Come for the clothes, stay for the loving relationships!

— Alenka Figa

Say the Right Thing
Sammy Montoya

For something with a bit of vigilante flair, I recommend Say the Right Thing by Sammy Montoya. Say the Right Thing takes place in a world where the first words your soulmate will say to you appear on your arm. Unfortunately for Seth, his arm reads “Watch It, Jackass,” which doesn’t bode well – so he’s resolved to never fall in love. Of course, that all changes when he’s kidnapped by Errol Silva, a powerful mage who’s been accused of a horrific murder. If Seth is willing to get tangled up in Errol’s problems, they have to dodge the authorities and find the truth on their own.

Say the Right Thing is complete, and extremely bingeable. Seth and Errol are lovable bozos, and they have great chemistry. Errol’s story is heartbreaking and compelling, but his developing relationship with Seth adds a lot of levity and lightness. Tonally, it’s not far off from a Batfam story, with its balance of humor and traumatic experiences.

— Alenka Figa

Lavender Jack
Dan Schkade

Another comic I think might appeal to Batfam fans is Lavender Jack by Dan Schkade. While lighter on the found family dynamics, Lavender Jack also comes out of the superhero comics tradition and has a really striking art style, fun action and compelling characters, while also exploring themes of justice, vigilantism, power and corruption.

— Masha Zhdanova

The Croaking
Megan Stevenson

If you’re here from the shipping broody boys side of the fandom, then The Croaking might be right up your [Crime] alley. In a world where everyone has wings, the social hierarchy depends on what type of bird you are, with crows at the bottom. In fact, the land’s most prestigious military academy, The Roost, has never accepted a Crow student — until now. Scra Elwode is a moody guy with lots of secrets, so of course he’s rooming with a nice kid from the coast, Ky Cedoc. Birds of prey rule the school and while Ospreys aren’t that high up the foodchain, Ky still has an easier time fitting in compared to his roomie. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t determined to be his friend anyway, and maybe…more? While the bird metaphor sometimes falters, there’s a lot of plot and a lot of action, with Megan Stevenson deftly drawing dynamic and exciting flights as students learn to be soldiers. If you’re looking for a comic with powerful and talented teens finding family together (and romance), this has a rich archive to jump into.

— Kat Overland

The Doctors Are Out

This is technically a romance comic but it is the slowest of burns. What you actually get is a slice of life enemies-to-lovers Dream Daddy experience with two adorable bisexual male leads. Veterinarian Fernando Gervara (Nando) opens a vet clinic next to (human) doctor Matias Gervera (Mat). Mat’s adorable 4 year-old son Ren is a scene-stealer and the whole story of how Mat came to be a father is refreshingly complicated without feeling like a telenovela. PLUS one of Mat’s best friends since childhood, Leo, is a trans man and Leo actually gets to have a romance first–with Nando’s office assistant Mary! If you crave the friendship and family dynamics of Batfam, The Doctors Are Out by Blau is the comic for you.

— Kate Tanski

Kat Overland

Kat Overland

Small press editor Kat Overland is a displaced Texan now living in Washington, DC, where she is perpetually behind on reading her pull list. She's a millennial, Latina, exhausted, and can often be spotted casually cosplaying America Chavez and complaining.

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  1. I am enjoying:
    Mage & Demon – fantasy lesbian romance comedy between a human and her demonic enemy.

    Nothing Special – YA fantasy adventure by Katie Cook.
    Nothing Special | WEBTOON
    Callie thinks that in the grand scheme of the worlds at large, she’s nothing special. With the unexpected addition of friendship and adventure into her life, she’s about to find out that she was very, very wrong.

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