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    Cherokee Seebalack

    Contributor. 20-something living in London who has a morbid fascination with Justin Bieber, is a collector of toys and cute hats, enjoys reading comics, musing on popular culture, marathoning Dragon Ball Z and napping.

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  • Zine Review: British Values

    Zine Review: British Values0

    British Values Editor: Kieran Yates Design Director: Amad Ilyas Designer: Tom Lloyd August 2015 Disclaimer: I worked with British Values editor Kieran Yates on Live Mag UK, a youth publication for 14 to 25 year olds from January 2014 to March 2015. Yates was the magazine’s mentor. Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May is the perfect

  • How Nana Helped My Dad and I Have a Better Relationship

    How Nana Helped My Dad and I Have a Better Relationship4

    I spoke to my dad before pitching this piece to Claire, Women Write About Comics’ Feature and Opinions Editor. I’m quite open with a lot of things on the internet and have written about a few personal issues before, usually under my real name. But, whenever it comes to discussing family, there is a hesitancy I

  • My Problem with the Sex in Sex Criminals

    My Problem with the Sex in Sex Criminals5

    Sex Criminals is awesome, but I probably don’t need to tell you that. You’ve either heard about it, are currently reading it, or are already well and truly part of the Brimper fandom (even Margaret Atwood’s on board and if that doesn’t get you at least a bit interested, I don’t know what will). The

  • Five Comics About Immigrants Nigel Farage Needs To Read

    Five Comics About Immigrants Nigel Farage Needs To Read0

    On May 7th here in the UK, we will elect a new government and Prime Minister—basically our president, for the Republics out there—who will run the country for the next five years. Yeah, it’s pretty major stuff, and it’s almost all anyone is talking about.