Author: Alenka Figa

Bi flag, image from

Bisexual Identity: A Roundtable

September 19th through the 26th marks Bisexual Awareness Week during which BiNet USA, GLAAD, and other organizations place a spotlight on issues unique to the bisexual community. WWAC is no stranger to discussing these issues; whether it’s calling out bisexual erasure in Deadpool, highlighting bi characters we love, or pointing out the gaping holes in…

Mermaid by artist Paige Hall, image courtesy Paige Hall.

Iridescent Tails and Starfish Pasties: An Interview with Fat Mermaids’ Paige Hall

When I spoke to Paige Hall about her recently released project, Fat Mermaids: A Collaborative Charity Zine, and asked her why she’s so passionate about mermaids, I received the best answer anyone has ever given me: “What’s not to love about a chunky iridescent tail and starfish pasties?” Hall is an illustrator and avid advocate…