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    Alenka Figa

    Alenka Figa is a queer, feminist librarian. She spends her days thinking about how to effectively sing to babies and twittering about comics and her cat at @alenkafiga.

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  • Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Month with Bisexual Anime!

    Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Month with Bisexual Anime!0

    • September 19, 2017

    September 23rd is Bisexual Visibility Day, a day that exists because bisexuality is often considered to be invalid. Just in case you’ve been living in a world where bisexuals are so stealth, you’ve never met an out one–hey ho! We’re real, and sometimes we even see ourselves represented on screen. Also, because bisexuals are greedy

  • Surreal Classrooms: The Academic Hour

    Surreal Classrooms: The Academic Hour0

    The Academic Hour Keren Katz Secret Acres The Academic Hour, according to the book jacket, is a series of vignettes about the romance between Pothel, an architecture professor now banned from teaching architecture, and his student Liana. I am not convinced of this. The first hint that this comic is not actually a romance appears