Archie Comics Pubwatch: December 2021

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Welcome to the Archie Comics Pubwatch for the month of December! I’m Lisa, reporting from a corner booth at Pop’s Chock ‘lit Shoppe, and here’s this month’s news! In this month’s Archie Comics Pubwatch, we have some exciting Free Comic Book day news and even more info about the special upcoming Valentine’s Day one-shot comic!

Archie Comics Announces  Plans For Free Comic Book Day

Archie Andrews, a white, redheaded teenager in a gold and blue letterman jacket and blue tee-shirt stands before a circle chopped up into a pie chart. Each slice reveals Archie doing a new thing - racing a car, being a superhero, shooting a gun, etc.

Ever wanted to know what the world would be like if Archie Andrews were a spy? Or a superhero? Or even a caveman? This coming Free Comic Book Day, fans will get to find out when Archie Comics publishes The Best Archie Comic Ever #0. Written by Fred Van Lente with art by Tim Seeley, the issue shows Archie’s adventures in a whole multiverse of places. The issue serves as a peek into what Archie Comics has planned for its upcoming anthology titles, with a few reprints thrown in.

With a standard cover by Jamal Igle, the issue will be available on Free Comic Book Day 2022, which happens to fall on May 7.

Comic-Con Museum debuts 8 Decades of Archie Exhibit.

Betty and Veronica, Archie Comics

The official Archie Comics Website has announced that the Comic-Con Museum, which had a soft opening on November 26 in San Diego, California, will debut the exhibit “8 Decades of Archie.” Celebrating the 80th anniversary of everyone’s favorite typical teenager, it includes displays of vintage comic books and original art among other objects.

Fans may grab tickets at the official Comic-Con website, and the display should remain up as part of the museum’s collection beyond Sumer 2022 when the museum will officially open.

Archie previews new Valentine’s Day One-Shot

Archie Andrews, a white redheaded tenager in a blue and yellow letterman jacket, poses beside white brunette teenager veronica Lodge in a pink sweater, brown pants and a blue blouse. They're making a heart shape with their hands in a picture. atop the picture is a box of candy with a picture of jughead jones - a white brunet teenager with a grey fool's cap and a white shirt with a skinny black tie - blushing as he looks at betty cooper, a white teenager with a blonde ponytail and a pink blouse. They stand before a heart-shaped design. From the box a bunch of conversation heart candies spill from the box against a pale pink background. Phrases like 'be mine' and 'jug' are printed on the muticolored hearts in red writing.

In the wake of the success of Archie’s Halloween and winter-themed one-shot issues, the comics giant will release a Valentine’s Day-themed one-shot in early February of 2022.

Set at the Riverdale Carnival, the issue features Veronica and Archie going through some romantic travails (with Dilton as a spoiler), while Betty and Jughead connect. Meanwhile, Kevin Keller’s out on a date and experiences his own calamities.

The issue, with art by Thomas Pitilli, Lisa Sterle and Iolanda Zanfardino, writing by Thomas Pitilli, Stephanie Cooke, and Sina Grace, colors by Matt Herms, letters by Jack Morelli, and covers by Thomas Pitilli and Paulina Ganucheau, Streets on February 9, 2022.

New Convention-Exclusive Variant Covers Available for Pre-Order

There are three new variant covers out for Archie’s Christmas Spectacular #1, each of them convention exclusives.  The left cover is an Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Variant Cover by Chrissie Zullo. The second cover is by Sorah Suhng and was a c2e2 exclusive. The last cover is by  Kaare Andrews and is a FanExpo Exclusive.

Only the FanExpo cover is still available, and it has virgin and metal variants. The virgin and regular variants go for $15 each and the metal variant retails for $40.

More Christmas Designs Are Up in The Archie Threadless Shop

Graphic for the Archie Comics Threadless shop - green background, blue cursive threadless logo. Sprinkled about the graphic are various designs availible at the shop - such as a red white and blue Archie for President logo and a red-back graphic of Archie, Betty and Veronica sharing a soda

Even more new Archie Comic designs have been added to their Threadless shop, including a holiday-themed all-over print design.  Click here to view and purchase them!

Archie Comics Tweets of the Month

Riverdale being Riverdale and another Archie comic goes viral.

Sugar Sugar of the Month

Betty Cooper, a blonde white teenager with her hair in a ponytail, walks beside white redhead archie andrews and brunette veronica lodge. Berry wears jeans and a pink winter jacket and hat with white earmuffs, Archie wears jeans and a green turtleneck sweater with an "R" emblem and green scarf, and veronica is dressed in a camel-colored beret and long coat with plum-colorred pants and a white sweater. They walk in a winter wonderland strung up with brightly colored lights and a snowman in the background


Archie’s Holiday Magic One-Shot
Gary Erskine (Cover); Matt Herms (Art); Arielle Jovellanos (Art); Gretel Lusky (Art and Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Michael Northrop (Writing); Micol Ostow (Writing); Dan Schoening (Art); J Torres (Writing)
December 8, 2021

What a gorgeous, trenchant one-shot. Archie finds himself on a guided tour through his past, present, and future via a spirit, who presents itself to Archie when he cannot decide whether to take Veronica or Betty to the Snow Ball. He travels to the past, a possible future and gets a glimpse at the present from a new angle. Multiple artists and writers have come together to craft this panoramic tale. Read it, you won’t regret it. Every single page is a gift.

Hotdogs and Hotshots

Betty Cooper, a blonde white teenager, wears a red santa costume with a spotted ermine collar and a red santa cap. Beside her is Veronica Lodge, a white brunette teenager wearing a green santa outfit and hat. She also sports red earrings. They smile into the camera and behind them the comic's title looms in a green box dripping with ornaments

Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #299
Jim Amash (Art); Bill Golliher (Writing and Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Jeff Shultz (Cover); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
December 8, 2021

Veronica finally goes full Clark Griswold and makes over Lodge Estate as a Christmas paradise for a party. It goes about as well as can be expected when she and Betty are set to host but a power outage threatens to take a little shine off of the proceedings.

Archie Andrews, a redheaded white teenager, wears a yellow, red and black-striped hoodie and blue jeans. He's with his brunette, white teenage friend jughead jones, who's wearing a green sweater, red and black striped scarf and black pants. Their dogs - white, shaggy Hotdog and golden Vegas - are wearing antlers. They stand before a snowy field, it is nighttime, and santa claus flies before a full moon.

World of Archie Jumbo Comics #115
Jim Amash (Art); Bill Golliher (Cover); Pat and Tim Kennedy (Art); Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Art and Writing); Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Ron Robbins (Writing); Jeff Shultz (Cover); Glenn Whitmore (Colors)
December 15, 2021

Everyone dresses up as Santa Claus for SantaCon on Christmas Day, but when the gang encounters a burger-hungry stranger at Pop’s, they start wondering if they’ve encountered the real article.

Picks From The Timecops

Archie Andrews, a red-haired teenager wearing a black tux with blue highlights, sits between white brunette teenager veronica lodge, who wears a pale blue dress, and Betty cooper, who wears a teal dress with a peter pan collar, her blond hair done up in a ponytail. They share a coke float together

Archie Milestones #13: Best of the 1960s
Rex Lindsey (Cover); Various (Writing and Art)
January 26, 2022

The Archie Milestone series has returned! Featuring series highlights and brand new-stories set in the 1960s.


Veronica lodge, a brunette white teenager, wears a long-sleeved red shirt and black jeans. Beside her is betty cooper, a blonde white teenager wearing a long-sleeved pink blousee and purple pat. They're both leaning against the number 300, which is outlined in yellow. At their feet are balloons with the faces of their friends printed upon them

Betty and Veronia Jumbo Comic Digest #300
Bill Golliher (Cover); Pat and Tim Kennedy (Cover); Jack Morelli (Letters); Dan Parent (Writing and Art); Rosario “Tito” Peña (Cover); Bob Smith (Art); Glenn Whitmore (Colors);
January 12, 2022

Betty and Veronica find themselves fantasizing about what it would be like if they were really sisters as they prepare a joint anniversary party for their parents. Sounds cute!

Second Looks

World of Archie Jumbo Comic Digest #116
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #326

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