Previously on Comics: Whatcha Writing There, Nicole Maines?

“Page one, panel one… Nia Awakens…” With her iconic gloved fingers hovering over a glowing keyboard, Nicole Maines set comics a-flutter, exciting many trans fans with an unconfirmed tease of a Dreamer comic written by the woman who portrays the character on Supergirl. Despite the show coming to an end, it appears that Maines’ character will live on in comic form.

In other fun and interesting comics industry news this past week:

Post Insecure, television writer and producer Prentice Penny is teaming up with Sebastian A. Jones, founder of Stranger Comics, to launch a yet-to-be-named independent comics publishing venture supporting BIPOC creators.

Vertically scrolling comics are becoming the global standard and that may be leaving traditional Japanese manga behind, as more and more Japanese readers get into Korean comics.

Comic Book Workers United PDX is hopeful that Image Comics will voluntarily recognize their union. Read more about the unionization efforts in the previous Previously.

The tokusatsu-style superhero world of Radiant Black is expanding with a crossover with Inferno Girl Red and a new hero, Rogue Sun.

The local news in Cleveland, Ohio, is spotlighting female artists who are working to change the comics industry.

As if it hasn’t hit hard enough already with its comics distribution monopoly being busted up, Diamond suffered a ransomware attack that has caused distribution delays.


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