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For our U.S. readers, this weekend likely involved a lot of family, turkey, and Black Friday sales. I also hope it involved some reflection on what this particular holiday means for Indigenous Peoples.

On to the news:

Gina Gagliano Moves on From Random House

Publishing Director Gina Gagliano has left Random House Graphicto pursue other, yet-to-be-named avenues. In a letter to collaborators, she indicated that she would be working “more directly with readers.” Given Gagliano’s expertise and success in the industry, we are excited to learn what that might mean.

Panel to Screen

New Regency, the production company behind Little Women, Revenant, and Bohemian Rhapsody, recently inked an exclusive deal with TKO Studios to develop TV projects based on their lineup.

Netflix is partnering with writer Robert Patino (Sons of Anarchy, Westworld) to adapt the Image Comics title, Nocterra into a series. This is the first project to stem from the new multiyear deal between Netflix and Patino’s Analog Inc. Patino is currently showrunning the upcoming DMZ for HBO Max, which is based on the DC comic.

CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC is coming to the screen in a live-action adaptation in April 2022.

Comics Industry Union Update

Graeme McMillan took to The Hollywood Reporter to write about the ongoing labor organizing of Image Comics staff. McMillan notes that there is currently no union opportunity for comic book writers, though Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have recently voted to admit comic writers and graphic novelists.



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