Previously on Comics: The Evolution of Comics Distribution

It’s another Monday and here I am with some comics industry news.

To the Moon

Three more small press publishers have signed on with Lunar Distribution. Silver Sprocket, Uncivilized Books, and Floating World join Scout, Ahoy, Z2, and DC Comics. Representatives from some of those publishers joined Lunar Distribution’s co-owner Christina Merkler in a roundtable at The Comics Journal to discuss the distribution changes that are reshaping the industry.

Golgo 13 Lives On

Golgo 13 creator Taiko Saito passed away on September 24 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 84, but, per his wishes, his award-winning manga will continue on through Saito Production.

That Disney Dragon

Disney might have settled up with Scarlett Johansson over Black Widow’s theatrical versus streaming distribution and her points, but the giant corporation is still busy exercising its vaunted powers to take advantage of as many people as it can in order to hoard its wealth and IPs like a dragon with its gold.

In the past several months, heirs of the estates of Marvel creators such as Steve Ditko have sent notices to the U.S. Copyright Office terminating Marvel’s licensing for characters such as Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Iron Man. Arguing that these were for-hire creations, Marvel is suing to keep the licenses in advance of the 2023 expiration dates. Because this is what you do when you are part of a giant corporation that can eat creators for breakfast.

Quick Hits

And a Happy 35th Anniversary to Dark Horse Comics!

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