Vault Pubwatch: September 2021

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In case you missed it, last month’s Cover Girl featured some naughty but very nice covers from the Vault Undressed NSFW variant cover series, along with an interview with Editor-in-Chief, Adrian Wassell.

Coming Soon

Coming December 2021 is We Ride Titans, a mecha and kaiju series co-created by Tres Dean (check out our interview with Tres!) and artist Sebastián Piriz.

People speeding towards the camera in a converstable. Behind them is a giant robot

“Trying to keep your family from imploding is a tall order. Kit Hobbs is about to find out it’s an even taller order when that family has been piloting the Titan that protects New Hyperion from kaiju for generations. Between a spiraling brother, a powder keg of a father, and a whole bunch of twenty-story monsters, she’s got her work cut out for her.”

Vault also announced End After End, a new fantasy series coming in January 2022 from writers Tim Daniel and David Andry, with artist Sunando C. and variant covers by Liana Kangas.

A man in dark clothes is caught in a light shining on his face showing his wide, frightened eyes

“The End After End never ends…”

This fall, Bleed Them Dry fans can enjoy the taste of premium sake with an exclusive, limited-edition collector set that features artwork by artist Yoshitaka Amano. Register now to pre-order the sake in deluxe packages which include high-quality digitally-signed prints of Amano’s original art created exclusively for the sake launch.

Firsts and Faves

Highlights of the past few weeks include:

Human Remains #1

A couple in wedding attireSally Cantirino is so good at the monstrous, but in combination with Dearbhla Kelly’s bright, bold pinks and reds, the horror of Human Remains #1 becomes something beautiful and mesmerizing. In the first issue, we learn about a world where emotions must be tamped down to save ourselves from the tentacled wrath of unknown life forms that feast on or simply destroy anyone who acts out. Is it bad that I kinda loved the scenes of protestors who thought this was all #FakeNews painfully discovering otherwise?

Wrassle Castle Book One: Learning the Ropes

Wrassle Castle Book One: Learning the Ropes (Wonder Bound, September 2021)“The wrassling was good, Lydia. But puns are a devastating blow to conversational etiquette.” I think it’s safe to say that writers Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover and artist Galaad had a lot of fun putting together this friendship and fun-filled butt-kicking romp. Lydia’s dream is to be a wrassler like her brother, who is beloved by everyone — at least until he commits treason. The only way for Lydia to save him from execution and clear his name is to join the wrassling tournament, of course, and show off all her unorthodox moves.

Verse Book One: The Broken Half

A brown-skinned girl with horns on her forehead and a long black ponytail moves through a forest looking worried. She is wearing a red scarf around her neck, a white shirt, and a long brown skirtFife leaves his small village to pursue an apprenticeship as a weaponsmith, but he quickly gets lots, unable to find his way to Maidenstone. Apparently, no one told him not to take directions from people in fancy hats who mark your way with magic and verse. When Fife tries to repeat the verse, he unwittingly unleashes a young horned woman from a centuries-old amulet. Neitya doesn’t remember much but her name, but to the villagers, her horned head marks her as one of the monstrous vel that plagues them. There is lots of mystery to unravel in this new book for younger readers from Vault’s Wonder Bound imprint, and lots of interesting characters with stories to tell…

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #2

Cover of The Last Book You'll Ever Read #2I can’t say I loved the first issue of this series, but it did succeed in making me curious enough to want to see what happens next for author Olivia Kade who has written a book that is apparently causing the breakdown of society. She now has a security detail to protect her from the raging lunatics who want to feast on her soul and/or stop her from spreading chaos. Her one rule for the head of her security, Connor Wilson, is that he’s not allowed to read her book. He’s definitely allowed to have sex with her though and this issue is all about setting up very obvious situations to get us to what the cover promises, without any actual chemistry between them. I’m not sure if the intention of this story is for the characters to be rather indifferent towards the carnage that is being reported in relation to Kade’s book. Or if we, the readers, are being shown more than the characters are actually seeing, because I feel like people constantly trying to bite and claw at you should be a cause for greater concern.

Deadbox #1

An empty comic book story with a bright light shining from a door at the backHorror isn’t a genre I typically gravitate toward, but by the nature of my task as a pubwatcher, I do my best to check out all Vault hast to offer and am pleasantly surprised by what I find. Deadbox takes place in the town of Lost Turkey where a video machine in Penny’s dad’s store offers the only entertainment. But it’s not your average video machine. This one happens to be cursed and it seems to know about the townsfolk than they do, offering up unusual movie selections. The horror is quiet and creeping in this first issue, saving things up for the final pages that only lead to more mystery.

Money Shot #14

A couple dressed in red jumpsuits cling to each in a panic as great toothed blue beasts with tiger stripes close in on them.Just when I was about to complain about how often the aliens the XXX-plorers meet on their adventures are boringly humanoid, Money Shot #14 offers a big reveal that offers up some much more interesting alien life forms. But the convoluted reveal, couched in Christine and Bree’s bitter pseudo reunion, kind of got in the way of the fun in this issue. Fortunately, there were still some interesting and amusing moments with Annie and Doug’s predicament, such as Doug’s definition of mansplaining and him choosing the absolutely wrong time to express his feminist ideals.

Barbaric #3

A barbarian with big hair and a bare chest wielding a giant axe leaps towards a huge serpent with a long tongue and pointed teethIt’s a bit of a surprise to realize that the first story arch of Owen’s adventures is wrapping up after only three issues, but it does make sense. This was an introduction, and as far as introductions go, it’s been an excellent one right from the start. We’ve clearly established our main character and his motivation, and now he’s teamed up with the witch with a dark past who has promptly betrayed him — or at least, her necromantic powers have. But did we just get a spark of Owen actually having a good heart under all that apathy? Blink and you’ll miss it though, what with all the hack and slash and a very, very thirsty axe guzzling all the blood and guts a demon cult has to offer.

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