REVIEW: X-CORP #5 – What’s in a Name?

Cover of X-Corp #5 featuring a close up of Angel's face and an image of him in a suit, falling

Fenris and Noblesse have teamed up to destroy X-CORP and steal mutant pharmaceutical secrets. Oh nooooo!

X-Corp #5

David Aja (cover artist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Alberto Foche (artist), Sunny Gho (colourist), Tini Howard (writer), Tom Muller (designer)
Marvel Comics
September 22, 2021

Cover of X-Corp #5 featuring a close up of Angel's face and an image of him in a suit, falling

X-CORP is a series that should have offered some juicy business dealings and boardroom espionage. Instead, it really coulda just been an email. Feel free to enjoy my waning interest in reviews for issues #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Oh, I suppose X-CORP did have its moments. I certainly enjoy Alberto Foche’s renderings of Monet St. Croix morphing in and out of her Penance persona, shifting from savage spiky slicer to blunt instrument in a pantsuit on a whim. I enjoyed the insight into the life and dupes of one Jamie Madrox. And Jason Wyngarde runs a mean public relations campaign.

But then there is all that apparent lack of business acumen of the company’s CXOs, and the fly by the seat of the pants business planning and continuity issues. And those unaddressed issues of Monet being absolutely awful to everyone and everyone being cool with it in the end because we can turn our attention to bad guys trying to blow things up instead.

There’s a lot of that going on in this in X-CORP #5. J.P. Kol and Sara St. John, aided by Fenris, are still hell-bent on taking out the competition and Fenris isn’t afraid to play with fire — and explosives — and take full advantage of the resurrection protocols. Which begs the question of how exactly that list of returnees works if they think they’ll be permitted to just jump the queue despite Monet, Warren, and their team presumably writing a detailed report on their shenanigans from earlier on in the series.

Weirdly, all of this occurs while Bishop, Sunspot, Thunderbird, and Sunfire all wandered off for coffee, I guess.

In a moment that definitely doesn’t feel like a last-minute edit to address criticism, Trinary finally gets an actual name: Shilpa Khatri. She also gets to enjoy a seat at the table since someone else doesn’t want it. Congrats on becoming a real character, Shilpa! (Not to be confused with the math professor currently holding down Google searches for that name.)

Frankly, I might have enjoyed the ending of this series better if Shilpa, having been so undervalued throughout for everything but her particular proprietary skills, told the X-CORP CXOs where to stuff that seat.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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