REVIEW: X-Corp #4 – Black King and Queen to the Continuity Rescue

A tall woman in knee high black boots, panties, and a black corset and long gloves sits on a red couch beside a grumpy, slouching mustached man in a gray suit

Like I said, X-Corp is definitely going to need Mastermind to work some PR magic to get them out of their latest mess. Good thing he had the foresight to know this and also bring along some backup in X-Corp #4.

But first, we retcon!

X-Corp #4

David Aja (cover artist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Alberto Foche (artist), Sunny Gho (colourist), Tini Howard (writer), Tom Muller (designer)
Marvel Comics
August 18, 2021

A tall woman in knee high black boots, panties, and a black corset and long gloves sits on a red couch beside a grumpy, slouching mustached man in a gray suit on the cover of X-Corp #4

When last we saw Monet St. Croix and Sara St. John, they were negotiating in a secluded room. Sara goaded Monet into Penancing and then injected her with something that dropped her to the ground. When Sophia and Trinary arrived to rescue her, Sara was exiting the room, claiming she did not know where Monet had gone, and leaving the two women to stare openmouthed at the gaping hole in the ceiling.

So forget all that because fuck continuity and editorial review, amirite? What actually happened is that, while Jason Wyngarde put on a show downstairs to save X-Corp’s image in front of thousands of business folks at the Technology TALKS conference, Selene had discovered Monet’s distress and went up and rescued her by herself, catching Sara in the act and making sure she paid dearly for it with a dire warning.

Oh and remember that heartbreaking moment when Jamie Madrox lost the dupe holding the memory of his baby’s first steps because Jamie hadn’t calculated for range when amassing so much raw energy within the X-Corp HQ? Yeah, fuck that too. It was actually human intruders on the ship who were dropped in by plane, bypassing the mutants-only gates. Apparently, after the first time this happened back in X-Force, Krakoa hasn’t learned to maybe put a roof on their important stuff to keep it safe.

I can’t see how any of these continuity issues could be intentional. Part of me wants to give the benefit of the doubt. But honestly, the issue has piled on my overall disappointment with the potential of what X-Corp could have been that I just can’t bring myself to care. Yes, X-Men comics are X-Men comics and it’s great to see the flagship title getting back to the simplicity of just fighting bad guys on a battlefield. And while X-Corp makes an attempt at playing at business, I would have liked to see something more refined than Monet constantly punching things and Warren Worthington III complaining about it; rinse and repeat.

From here on, the issue is a lot of Monet and Selene dominating the situation with sunglasses and pantsuit impressiveness, while Warren flails in futility and Trinary is summarily dismissed from any potential board participation because of her — checks notes — criminal record. We have two mutants who can turn into murder monsters, and two outright villains, but gosh Trinary, these traffic tickets…

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